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What are Drug Offenses?

Drug and Narcotics Offenses are prosecuted at state and federal courts across the country.  The war on drugs is never-ending.   Accordingly, the government continues to step up its investigation and prosecution of drug offenders.

Tools of these investigations include visual surveillance, undercover officers posing as drug dealers and/or customers, confidential informants, motor vehicle stops and searches, wiretapped phones communications, cellphone call and text message history, cellular site data, search warrants, internet surveillance, pole cameras, drug detection dogs, GPS physical tracking and location and more. Because of the increasingly sophisticated investigation methods used to fight drug trafficking, criminal drug prosecutions are at staggeringly high numbers.

Successfully defending against drug prosecutions is more complex than ever and requires very experienced legal counsel

Individuals involved in drug dealing are targeted and prosecuted by the government at all levels. This begins with international criminal organizations responsible for bringing drugs or narcotics into the United States, large national level suppliers or traffickers operating within our borders, regional level suppliers, state and city-wide dealers, mid-level dealers, street level dealers, and even end users.

Law enforcement often takes a top-down approach to drug interdiction by coordinating their investigations among local, state and federal authorities to target and apprehend individuals at top levels of drug trafficking networks and organizations.

Alternatively, the bottom-up approach is also widely used.  This approach targets drug users and low-level dealers who, after being arrested, may be turned into informants who lead police to their higher-level dealers  further up the drug supply chain.

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