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Landlord - Tenant Rights and Obligations

General Tenant Rights

Along with the obligations above, tenants have general rights, which may vary between states and depending on the lease agreement. These rights can include:

The right to exclude the landlord from entering the property except for times agreed upon in writing in advance.
The right to have the security deposit returned at lease-end, minus any expenses arising from damage or unpaid rents.
The right to have the property maintained and appliances repaired in a timely fashion.
The right not to be discriminated against during the rental or tenancy phases.
The right to be informed in writing of any changes to the contract or landlord-tenant arrangements.
The right not to be evicted without proper notice.

General Landlord Obligations

Meanwhile, leases often contain obligations on the landlord. When renting to a tenant, a landlord typically agrees to:

Maintain the property.
Make and/or pay for necessary repairs.
Provide notifications in writing when the property is being transferred to a new owner, or when other changes are made that potentially affect the tenant.
Refrain from turning off utilities in an effort to get unpaid rent or otherwise affect a tenant.
Ensure the premises remain safe and deal with other tenants who are causing a problem or who are violating the terms and conditions of their lease.

General Landlord Rights

In addition to the above obligations, landlords typically retain the following rights:

To receive rents as agreed.
To inspect the property during specific hours and under certain circumstances.
To increase the rent within a legally prescribed period of time.
To have the property kept free from damage, subletting, excessive noise, disruption to other tenants, etc.

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