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Theft Offenses Defense in Rhode Island

Under Rhode Island law it is illegal to take someone else’s property with the intent to keep it permanently. Theft crimes in Rhode Island can result in criminal liability.

  • Theft crimes by larceny

  • Theft crimes by false pretense

  • Theft crimes by trick

  • Theft crimes by embezzlement


The theft offense committed will be classified as either theft by larceny, false pretense, trick or embezzlement based on the way in which the property was acquired. However, the four types of offenses are charged as theft crimes under Rhode Island law. Therefore, the prosecution only needs to prove that you committed at least one of these prohibited acts in order to convict you of theft. The property protected by this section includes real and personal property, money and services. Speak to an experienced theft attorney at the law office of Heitke, Cook and Antoch today for more information.

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