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Here at Heitke Counselors Associates LLC, we have a reputation as a team of attorney that do whatever we can to help our clients. Led by attorney Kevin Heitke, we show compassion for our clients and always provide a lending ear whenever they come into our office.

We always approach every case with an open mind and a desire to help. This goes for everything we do from family law, criminal defense and debtor-creditor litigation. We are here to provide you with the representation you need.

How We Can Help You

We understand how the law intersects with one another. When our clients come to us they may need help with a divorce, or they possibly have a DUI and are in need of criminal defense representation, or maybe they’re in overwhelming debt to multiple credit card companies. Sometimes all of these scenarios cross over with each other and it’s our job to assist our clients across these multiple areas of the law.

If that means we have to take on a complex, multifaceted case here and there, then we can do that. We are not attorney that want to drive away clients who may be in need of assistance. If you need an attorney then come speak with us, because we want to hear about your problems and see what we can do to solve them.

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Our firm is led by two very skilled lawyer, each with over 20 years of experience serving in the courtroom.

Let us help you navigate the intersection of the law together.

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Our door is always open! If you know that you need to speak to an attorney, schedule a consultation today by calling us at 401-443-9579. If you would rather set up a meeting by sending us an email, then you can always use our online contact form. Based in Providence, we work with clients across Rhode Island.