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Matrimonial Bankruptcy In Providence

Financial hardship is not only what often brings couples to family court, but it keeps divorcing parties in family court as well. At Heitke Counselors Associates LLC, we concentrate on providing solutions to clients who find themselves struggling simultaneously with the issues surrounding divorce and finances. Our Providence matrimonial bankruptcy attorneys have the commitment, skill and resources to build a customized solution that addresses all the challenges you are facing.

Eliminating Marital Debt Prior To Getting Divorced

In divorce, marital debts are assigned to the spouses as part of the property division process. If there is no debt to divide, the divorce proceedings can be significantly expedited.

Accordingly, many couples find that filing a joint bankruptcy petition before filing for divorce can help eliminate obstacles that would otherwise lead to a prolonged divorce. Understandably, the fewer issues to resolve, the less time and money are wasted in family court.

Nondischargeable Debts Associated With Divorce

Many people we talk to want to know if they can discharge child support, alimony and other debts associated with the divorce in a bankruptcy. These types of debts are generally not dischargeable.

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