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Attorneys That Streamline The Probate Process

Here at Heitke Counselors Associates LLC, we sometimes work with clients who are going through the stress that comes with the passing of a loved one. When this happens, often there is so much on their plate – including funeral expenses, grief and the allocation of assets. While we can’t remove that stress or grief, what we can do is help streamline the probate and administration of wills process for you.

Our team of attorneys have extensive experience assisting clients through the probate process in Rhode Island. Our familiarity with the procedures allows us the opportunity to answer questions, provide insight, and assist with any concerns that may pop up during probate.

Probate Disputes And Litigation

Sometimes, even with a will involved, there are disputes over the way it was written. The reasons for why someone may challenge the validity of a will can vary, such as the argument that it was changed under inappropriate circumstances, or that an unusual person was made a beneficiary. Whatever the reason, when a probate case is being challenged, there is usually a need for an attorney to get involved.

Our team of attorneys can provide representation when you want to challenge a will or feel that a legitimate will is being unnecessarily challenged. We are skilled litigators, and we are able to pull from a wide variety of experiences to best represent you in court.

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If you need assistance with the probate and will administration process, or with litigation, then our attorneys at Heitke Counselors Associates LLC, are here to help. Learn more about what we can do for you by calling us at 401-443-9579 or using our online contact form.