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Uncovering Hidden Assets In Rhode Island

Before the process of dividing the marital estate begins, it is necessary to ensure that all marital assets have been disclosed by both spouses. In some cases, one spouse may attempt to hide certain assets or income in an effort to protect their own interests. If you feel that your spouse may be withholding assets that should be included in the marital estate, an experienced property division lawyer can help locate them.

At Heitke Counselors Associates LLC, we provide skillful representation to clients facing complex property division issues. No matter which side of the case you might be on, our Providence attorneys are committed to uncovering hidden assets and resolving the matter in a manner that is most beneficial for you.

Diligently Seeking All Marital Assets For Division

There are many different ways that marital assets can be hidden. Off-the-books bank accounts, understatements of income or overstatements of losses, undervaluations of businesses and many other tactics can be used. When you hire our firm, our team is vigilant in its efforts to find all assets that should be included in the division.

From forensic accountants to valuation specialists, experts may be necessary to ensure a full and accurate accounting of marital property. Once all marital assets have been located, we will move forward with the division of the property.

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