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Attorneys Who Understand Both Sides Of Criminal Defense Law

​If you or someone you know has been arrested for a crime and is in need of a criminal defense lawyer, then you should consider the attorneys at Heitke Counselors Associates LLC. Our attorneys have handled a wide variety of cases and are very familiar with the ways prosecutors and criminal defense attorneys choose to approach them.

Our team has attorneys who are experienced not only as criminal defense lawyers, but also have spent time on the other side as prosecutors. We know how prosecutors may approach a case, because we have been on that end as well. We utilize this approach when we’re looking at a case for determining what may be the next step forward for our client.

Don’t Wait To Contact A Lawyer

The importance of an attorney when approaching a criminal defense case can’t be understated. Everyone has the right to an attorney, no matter what they’ve been arrested for, and you should speak to one as quickly as possible after being arrested. Especially if a crime is considered violent.

There are a number of serious crimes that are classed as violent crimes. These are crimes that include violence or the threat of violence to another individual. These crimes could include the use of a weapon or just the threat of potential physical harm. They have very severe penalties in Rhode Island, and if you have been charged, it is critical that you immediately contact a Rhode Island violent crime defense law firm to assist you in fighting for your defense.

Aggressive Defense Representation

At Heitke Counselors Associates LLC, we are known for an aggressive approach to defending clients charged with all types of crimes. If you have been arrested of a crime and need an attorney to represent you in court, then contact us today at 401-443-9579 or use our online contact form and schedule a free consultation.