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Driving Under the influence (DUI)

Our skilled Rhode Island DUI attorney is dedicated to the defense of DUI cases from first offenses to felony drunk driving. DUIs can be embarrassing and devastating to people of certain professions. Now is not the time to have a lawyer that is going to lecture you about your choices. The fact is, you are in trouble with the law and you need a non-judgmental advocate to give you straight forward advice about beating your case, period. And that is exactly what you will get from our Rhode Island DUI lawyer. We have handled many DUI cases over many years, and now you get the benefit of that experience.

You have the right to fight the DUI charges and the loss of your driver’s license. You need an experienced, dedicated Rhode Island DUI attorney on your side to help mitigate the effects of this charge. We will carefully analyze the facts of your case to ensure that all applicable defenses are timely raised on your behalf.

We prepare every case for trial because you can’t win them if you can’t try them. And nobody gets a good deal if the prosecutor knows you don’t try cases. In addition to numerous not guilty verdicts, hung juries and dismissals in DUI cases, we have obtained these outcomes in a wide variety of criminal cases as well as favorable outcomes in DMV hearings, civil cases, writs and appeals.

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